BMX Chainwheel in trendy colors

Chainwheels you find a variety of different versions and designs! As before, the 25-tooth chainwheel is the most used. In the professional area are often larger as e.g. 27 teeth used. Street or in the park area, it is simply necessary to take a small piece, because it gives you much...Click to continue.

Which rules i have pay attention when buy a BMX Chainwheel

here are a few basic rules that you should note if you would like to buy you a new bmx chainwheel. A mistake that is often made ​​when one is buying a new gearing ratio. Do you already have a bmx bike with appropriate facilities, but are previously a very large chainring down can not you just move to a small ring in the rule. These bikes with large chainrings usually have then also a corresponding larger sprocket! If you're just on the front of a small currency exchange is your gear ratio changed immensely. CAUTION! When a change to smaller chainrings also a cassette wheel with 9 or 10 teeth should always be present when you're not going to mutate art cyclists with a 1:1 ratio.

A detailed translation table can be found under the heading "Mounting Instructions BMX". Have you decided on a chainwheel in the complying size you should pay attention to the axes size. The still prevailing standard size of 19mm to see even everywhere. Some manufacturers offer their chainrings already in universal sizes to, which means you already have a 24mm bore and can reduce and adapt the hole diameter in accordance with the supplied spacers. The chainrings are reported as "Spline Drive", have made ​​a corresponding 48 tooth knurling on the bolt circle. This special chainring type can be driven at the bmx crank without the appropriate fixation.

BMX Chainwheel a round thing

thing that is noticeable immediately with a bmx chainring is the size. Was it some time ago, yet the numbers of teeth to 44 or even higher ranged, one has to go in the freestyle set to the default size of 25 teeth. This has also an important reason. Due to the small chainring you must not make for yourself any more worried that you in the skate park, for example, when entering a bowl depend on whose coping stay. Just put it in the bowl and have fun that's the motto.

Previously quickly bent chainrings were the result if you were not careful. So it has to go much benefits a smaller chainwheel. Not only that you have more ground clearance at the tricks, the higher stability due to the more compact appearance is another advantage. Also, the thickness of the chainrings have materially changed. A decent chainring should be milled cnc least today to play in the major league.

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