BMX Frames from Top Brands

The bmx frame is your heart of your bmx bike ! So the important part and should be chosen carefully! Today's manufacturer have to have very different designs, Of the technology where butted frame tubes to the weld down to thicken up. Stability save up to tapered tubes to weight! You...Click to continue.

What is important at Buying BMX Frame

a bmx frame by today's standards has or should have at least some important factors you should pay attention to. Let's start with the material. 4130 chromoly must be used here necessarily . This material is the most stable thing in the market, particularly light alloy chromolybdän has the advantage it is especially lightweight and stable. A so-called aftermarket framework should therefore have all the tubes from this steel . Some companies , such as Federal or Kink donate your frame an additional treatment step that so-called heat treatment . In this process, the frame is again heated to a higher degree of stiffness to achieve . Let's go to a further feature as butted tubing . A buttet tubing pipe is used to weld thicker towards , prevails with the advantage that precisely these critical points much material to withstand the highest loads.

A few manufacturers still use to the so-called fluted tubing pipes, here the pipe is inside additionally processed and has even there on more material . Laser cut dropouts can also find more and more fitted to bmx frame. The advantage of laser cutting is the very clean finish as opposed to a stamped dropout. These are just some feature of what a bmx frame special about today . In recent years, more and more investment casting comes. It is a design feature which enables the manufacturer to produce special forms in which a logo into a dropout is integrated. The experts here still arguing about the meaning and the real benefit . But the remains as always a matter of the viewer.

BMX Frame in all Variations

Buy a single bmx frame does the one who wants to build a bmx bike from individual parts together . Or already has a bmx but now with the previous frame has its limitations and will technically increase . There are a variety of frames on the market which offer in different sizes , colors and designs. Important when choosing your personal claim is what you put in a frame. In other words, everyone has a different driving style and moves on varied terrain . So there is the frame rather heavy street geometries come up , which means the frame has a steep steering head angle. The rear stays are generally shorter on . Do you go more off-road and on trails , you should ensure that you can mount a brake in any case , frames with long top tube and rear stays are clearly beneficial in long leaps in the air. So you realize equal bmx frame is not equal to bmx frame. important principle when choosing your size is , she gives you to choose the top tube length before which you have. Lets get a closer look on the frame sizes :

  • 19-20 inch toptube is for smaller riders up to 140cm
  • 20-20.5 inch toptube is for mid sized rider 140-160cm
  • 20.5-21 inch toptube is for big riders 160-180cm
  • 21+ inch toptube is for oversized riders 180cm +

This is just a tip, and need not be adhered to at all , since even small riders prefer large frame. From a size of 180cm you should definitely rely on bmx frame with top tube lengths greater than 20.90 . Below you can choose sizes between 20-20.90 . You can find us plenty of choice on individual frames of all bmx brands out there. Of course, everyone has his favorite brand and today there are even any small amount brands offers only very limited quantities or only ltd frame makes . We are always striving to provide you the best possible in every case material. Do not bother beforehand to let shyness will adequately advised by our team , what are the advantages of the respective bmx frame. Wants to buy a bmx frame in advance to be carefully considered .

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