BMX Gyro and equipment

If you ride street, the bmx gyro is no more necessary. Most bmx riders nowaydays ride brakeless. Some park riders still use the classic bmx gyro cause they still ride a brake. But most of em step to breakless more and more. The gyro needs good adjustment, pleae see our how to for more...Click to continue.

BMX Gyro Installation

Was a boom time of the bmx gyro in the 90s as every other bmx bike equipped with this system. A revolution until then was thought. To set a reasonable gyro requires several steps, which we explain in more detail in our topics forum. Basically, you have to look the gyro and the associated gyro cable in perfect condition. If you will look at it closely you will notice that the heading the different design of the gyro.

Some are equipped with simple loose ball bearings and other built in complex CNC construction with high quality industrial bearings. The cheapest version is still the complete bmx gyro set, because you get everything you need for very little money. Are you already on the advanced status addition you can change your mind the expensive version of a gyro. If you are thinking about you convert then is very important that your frame is also compatible with such a system. That you recognize easily to the steering tube as need shots for so-called gyro stops. Have you checked that you can also grow a blade to your bmx bike easily. Today, as these parts are rarely there are only isolated manufacturer who take care of the matter seriously, Shadow or Odyssey are still companies that have high quality parts in the program. Are you with the design and technical know-how not so well versed you should definitely consult your bmx shop for the purpose of installation since only with optimal settings for the perfect effect arises. So stay away if you have never installed a rotor on a bmx bike. Quick here can be installed improperly and the desired result is zero, because you have to note your brake should work perfectly even after installation.

BMX Gyro it also works without

the bmx gyro has been around since the early freestyle time so a man named Brian Scura got the idea that it must be possible but to turn the handlebar and to press on the brake. After a few feeble attempts succeeded him to develop a simple but effective system. The gyro was born. Almost every bmx bike was equipped with this rotor and today you will see many followers of this system. Over the years he has evolved and it also exists in an industrial warehouse version.

Especially with the park riders like Mark Webb or Harry Main this system are high in demand. Tricks such as 3x tailwhip or similar call for a gyro, but there are always more drivers park the change in times of boom breakless also. A trend that does not pass well to the complete bikes, which is very helpful. Because the complicated setting of the gyro requires expert knowledge and is less suitable, otherwise quickly comes to a loss of braking power for the beginner. Today because you come off the rotor they are found only rarely on a bmx bike in the complete bike range, it's just that such a rotor adjusted very quickly and then developed no braking action, then it can when the brake is not very fast dangerous more 100% working. We therefore advise when buying a new bmx bike fingers away from the rotor! There is now a cheap alternative if you do not want to give up the brake and still want to learn a Barspin. The linear cable provides exactly the way his arm to rotate several times without the brake closes, and substantial advantage, it is much cheaper.

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