BMX Fashion from head to toe

In the fashion sector can let off steam and you can find everything when it comes to bmx lifestyle. From shoes to shirts or glasses you'll find it here. We carry fashion item of all bmx brands that are popular.Click to continue.
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The Fashion begun in the 60s

Every era has its own style. So it is also in the bmx sport. Already in the 60s and 70s, a genre has shown. Then it was the californian kids your motocross idols repurposed imitated and jeans pants and long-sleeved in the first race-ready bmx fashion. A shoe brand like Vans because even significant share it quickly realized that not only the classic bmx shoes caught on but also the other products.

A new mode, the bmx fashion was born. Henceforth, such as surfing, skateboarding, this market has developed rapidly. The first bmx brands like Torker, SE Racing campaigned with your fashion products in the first magazines. To date, this trend continues and each brand has its own fashion department. To which throw look at brands like Cult or Federal in several series of t-shirts on the market. Or the company which almost weekly Shadow limited versions of new shirts, manufacturers and your team driver creates wild patterns. Long since they know it in other sports which is a bmx bike and the sport has managed in recent years to wake up from its slumber and to be called in the same breath as a skateboard. Thanks riders like Chase Hawk or Garrett Reynolds has made it to the top of the sport mega-events.

Fashion for the bmx rider

Our fashion range includes everything that goes on in the bmx lifestyle. Who does not like wearing his favorite brand proudly on the chest in the form of t-shirts or hoodies. But shoes have run in the age of brakeless become increasingly important. Each sports his fashion. Each year a number of new products the trendy bmx brands on the market. No longer just the bmx bike but also a proper fashion industry has developed exactly as in the skateboard area.

Even in the early days, it was normal that every brand also brought a matching t-shirt on the market. Today, there are caps, beanies or even underpants which are known bmx logos adorn. You get a very large selection of bmx fashion online from us. Since shopping with us in bmx online store will send you the guaranteed fun, fun now at the great selection in our bmx shop. Almost infinite number of products is there are now on offer, it almost seems that the brains of the company not stand still tirelessly to present new ideas. Today you will hardly a rider on his bmx bike not see the one or the other fashion piece with his favorite brand proudly wears it was just the helmet or the chic new jeans shows you just what you have. It is not uncommon that the brands already own fashion catalogs launch their latest creations to praise, to wild glossy catalogs shows what you have on offer, and what is not acting more as if your hero divided the park into the new outfit that can be bought soon.

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