bmx advanced one step closer to pro

Have you been on a bmx bike on the road you realize but you come to your limits and doing tricks already strong! and your previous bmx bike also comes to the Limit ? Then you're right here. Welcome to the bmx advanced class. These bikes have been some highlights and attachments on the...Click to continue.
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Motivation for Ride BMX

every beginning is difficult , of course . You may also not give up the same if a trick sometimes does not work and throw bmx bikes in the corner.Names in the street as Dakota Roche or Dan Lacey have not been on top from the beginning here it is , as everywhere no pain no gain and practice makes perfect . Or take , for example, one of the largest bmx rider Mat Hoffman his time , it was he who has dominated the sport like no other. Who can still remember when he made the first experiments on the mega ramp . Oh yes he also had to pay dues until he was he is today . Do not worry , so do not be dissuaded to go from your dream BMX and be passionate about things .

Maybe you start yes once in a great bmx event , and if not , no problem the enjoy the bmx sport just like you want him . BMX brings you a sense of freedom and independence , it must not be the big contest. Alone with the best dudes to check on the weekend of the coolest street spot in summer or are planning a road trip , that's what makes bmx. Be informed but out our topics page where there are cool spots , the best events . Or read it out one of our technical tips for rainy days. From bmx beginner to bmx advanced, this is not easy and requires courage, will and perseverance to stick to one thing. Pick friends who indulge in the same mind and also heart and soul are dedicated to the bmx . Hanging with your bros on bmx shop now and enjoy the time there looking videos, or perhaps there is also a rail and run a short hand rail session . BMX parts you can buy right there anyway . Have you still no spot to ride ? then asks your town , do you together and founded a bmx community so you can quickly penetrated your interests . Well we woke you up ? are you ready for a bmx bike?

BMX Bike for BMX Advanced

a bmx bikes of the bmx advanced class already comes with some professional ambitions and therefore give you as opposed to a beginner bike again a performance boost. Are you now on the verge of the limit and develop further but want you , your trick that you've been thinking about for hours in my head, perhaps even dream of . You rather the next Ledge interested as the upcoming class work, then you should think ahead . To continue you agree with your parents well , do not forget the class work , but not forget your skills on the bmx bikes. If you are now penetrated into regions where it no longer remains the simple 360s or bunnyhop , but you want to expand your horizon, then you should be a bmx advanced. Here is a quick look on the spec wise difference in each bmx bike class :

  • bmx bike for beginner = frame, fork and handlebar Hi-Ten, loose ball hubs, integrated headset and mid bb bearings a beginner bmx should also have
  • bmx bike for advanced = frame maintubes Chromoly, fork+handlebar also Chromoly, sb (sealed bearing) hubs, double wall rims, mid bb bearings etc.
  • bmx bike for pros = frame,fork and handlebar Chromoly, sb (sealead bearing) hubs, double wall rims, mid bb bearings, Pivotal or Tripod seats etc.

Bikes in this class have , in contrast to the beginners class on various other features in terms of technology and materials . A key feature is the frame material , mostly here the main pipes are equipped with 4130 chromoly . A little insight into the material science tells us that it is a special steel at 4130 chromoly . This same metal with the composition chrome molybdenum is a steel and is specifically for the aftermarket framework for decades . It is a very robust steel and it also has tremendous weight savings. What does main frame mean , this means that in such a framework the front of the frame , headtube, toptube,downtube and seattube from 4130 chromoly steel. These are just the most loaded tubes of a bmx frame. On the technical side, the bikes differ in BMX Fortgerschrittener class in detail most of the hub and rim set ups. Many of these models come already with so-called sealed bearing hub at the start. These hubs have special industrial bearings on which are built for extreme loads and also still are waterproof. The double wall rims makes your name justice and has two walls if you look at the rim in cross section. Hard strokes from a great height can absorbed from these rims very well. Look but once those rims more closely. If you need advice when you buy bmx just call our hotline 0049 7154 156301.

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