bmx beginner bike and free helmet !

In the bmx beginner Class you find bmx bikes for the beginner. Did you have so far never been in contact then you're in the right place. We always ensure that we offer only selected bmx manufacturers are themselves active in the scene. Today there are very simple models that fail...Click to continue.
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Check the BMX Beginner

BMX beginner bike of today is characterized by simple geometry and a light weight. So what should I look for when I start to ride bmx. Quite simply, as first of all it depends on your size, this is the first most important decision factor when choosing your bmx beginner bike. Take, for example, the Stereo Bikes "Speaker " model , it is a normal twenty inch bmx bike , but with a shorter top tube , which up to size 150cm is sufficient for drivers. Top tube lengths between 19-20 inches so for drivers up to size 150cm . Are you already bigger, then you should get the next top tube lengths from 20-21 inches choose . The top tube lengths you will always find in the product description and are marked with " 19 TT" which means " 19 Top Tube " . So you see , it is important to check on your height. Check your size :

  • up to 19 inch toptube = body size up to 120-140cm
  • 20-20.25 inch toptube = body size 140-160cm
  • 20.25-20.75 inch toptube = body size 160-175cm
  • 20.75-21.25 inch toptube = body size 175-190cm +

You can get with us exclusively bmx bikes from well known bmx manufacturers , which means you can be sure you get the best quality that delivers what it promises you. Throughout all bikes come with pre-assemble brakes. So-called brakeless models are reported separately and are usually evident from the fact that you are shown without brakes on the image, but do not worry , these come with pre-installed brake too , but then can also be taken away , and depending on the skill of the driver. So beginner you should always make sure that you are wearing a helmet , with us you will always get this as a free helmet to your bmx bike purchased. So if you wanna buy bmx just ask our team. Ok here a quick info for you : 

    BMX Bike for the Beginner

    are you a beginner? Did you have so far had no contact with a bmx bike, but are now ready for daring to dare yourself in the asphalt canyons of the streets or in the concrete landscapes of the skate park. We promise you one if you bmx virus has seized , you will hardly get away from . Experience a whole new feeling when you fligh high with one of these twenty inch bmx bikes, and experience the pure adrenaline rush . BMX is different, it 's just not football or handball, no a whole new way to explore on a bicycle. You there in front of what you want to do , you can style your bike individually and start into the blue sky. A classic bmx bike from the category bmx beginner will enable you all that and much more.

    Let's go back a little in the history of bmx bikes , then, it is not so long ago, these same bikes were heavy for beginners. Not infrequently, these bikes came with a weight of approx. 15-19 kg , therefore , you loose fun. Take again the time and compare what such a bmx beginner bike manufacturers now weighs , on average is 11,5 kg! Wow , well now you have smelled a rat . Here we'll get to an essential point what a bmx bike in the beginners class should definitely have today , little weight . Little weight , a lot of driving pleasure. An equation which proves at one of the brand new start again and again. A bmx bicycle must never be compared to a mountain bike or conventional road bike . The purpose is the street, the skate park or your trails . All beginners bmx bikes are now consistently allround bikes , which means you can used them everywhere. The geometries are designed so that you can put your driving skills to the test in any terrain . At Oldschoolbmx you can supplement your bmx online and buy bmx cheap free shipping.

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