BMX Stems in top colors

The bmx stem is the link to your bmx bike ! Therefore a very important part when it comes to handling example is! the top loader stems are very popular It is a bmx stem where the handlebars as opposed to a front loader, as the name implies, is mounted from above. A top loader brings...Click to continue.
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Which material does have my BMX Stem

the material that is used today almost exclusively is aluminum. Of course there were already attempts Chromoly make projections or regular steel versions . The heavy weight of these attempts , however, were quickly ended . Basically, there are also two different types of production stems. The generally slightly cheaper forged bmx stems is cast in one piece. Particularly good tools are needed to obtain perfect casting material for this purpose . Because now every renowned stem manufacturer can extensively performs tests before launch to be sure that a cast stem to withstand the demands of bmx sport. Guests may use the manufacturer.

Devour this well-known CNC is the second type produce a bmx stem. Here are milled aluminum block the shape of the stem in a special milling machine from a solid material . Due to this technique, we obtain a very stable stem which is used predominantly in the aftermarket segment. On bmx bicycles from professionals you can find only this type of bmx stems. Subtleties such as female screws mostly round these stem from nature . Some manufacturers try also in different degrees of hardness in aluminum so you can find names such as 6061 T6 or 7075 often in descriptions of manufacturers. The higher the value the higher the quality here and harder the aluminum. A third type , the so-called CNC forged version called Stems which are pre- cast and precision machined by CNC in the wake devour . This way you can find most of high quality bmx complete bikes .

BMX Stems for the handlebar

with classic bmx stems , a distinction today between two versions. It is available in the variant top loader or front loader bmx stem. Increasing popularity of the top loader stem enjoys as bmx just the trend of high handlebars prevails . The characteristics of a top loader stem , it is that the bmx handlebars on top of the stem body is screwed . Mostly , the stem even a so-called upsweep on . Thus, the height of the handlebar is still supported . Advantages of top loader stem are the big room which one has available for tricks like turndown . Also, better leverage in 360s or 180s tricks are very beneficial.

In a classic front loader bmx stems the stem is as the name suggests bolted to the front of the stem. A deeper position of the handlebars is the result. Depending on which of these stem types you bevorzugts you should always exactly the description of the article read , as are important facts about height and length of the stem here . Since the stem in conjunction with the handlebar your controller , look on your handlebar height before the buy bmx stem ! Many well-known manufacturers such as Federal , Subrosa and Cult now offer both types of stems. The path to the preferred candidate in terms is open to you so .

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