bmx race for every bmx track

BMX race division are found exclusively bmx bikes seek your bet on the bmx track! These bmx bikes are very special in design and facilities! lghtweight is here the key ! most or almost exclusively, these models are equipped with an aluminum frame. At the bmx race...Click to continue.

The Difference in BMX Race Bike

a bmx race bike is from the equipment forth fundamentally different as a normal bike . The frames are made of aluminum and mostly very easy . When it comes race clearly on speed and long jumps . Thus, a framework needs to be very long top tube and rear triangle . He gives quiet running and is stable especially with wide leaps in the air. Always popular are so-called monocoque frame, the aluminum is molded in one piece which again brings additional stability.

Since the beginning of 2000 , it is now almost normal that you drive in the upper classes with the so-called clipless pedals . One is thus directly connected to the bmx bike with a click mechanism. Looking at a bmx race bike from the 80s and today are already major differences . However, it has done a lot technically also routes . Where in the past 3-4 meter jumps already far , you are now happy times arrived at 15 meter jumps, so at least for the Supercross race. This screams of course downright for change on a bmx bike. Now also carry a completely different protective equipment for . So-called neckbraces protect the neck from nasty falls. A bmx race bikes is therefore only made for racing and should just be used on that terrain. A variety of sizes can be found here at the bmx race models from different manufacturers. Check out the sizes :

  • Micro Mini = smalles of the bmx race bikes, for riders age up to 5 years up to body size 100cm
  • Mini = bmx bike for riders age 5-6 years body size 100-110cm
  • Junior = bmx bike for riders age 6-8 years body size 110-130cm
  • Expert = bmx bike for riders age 8-10 years body size 130-150cm
  • Pro = bmx bike for riders age 10-14 years body size 150-170cm
  • Pro XL = bmx bike for rider age 14+ years body size 170cm+

BMX Race Bike for Racing

Maris Strombergs went down in history books with the first Olympic title in bmx race. It took a while until the bmx race sport became an Olympic . Early in the 80's aspirations were to make the olympic sport in progress. In the american bmx leagues , however, the sport was very popular it lasted for years until finally in 2008 the first time in bmx Olypmia showed up. In the early 70s, had made the sport in America socially acceptable and names like Stu Thomsen, Greg Hill come this time . The supercross format that was held in China is still so practiced and carried out in a separate series . Many events have taken place since then , even at the X-Games had bmx race already in the program in the form of a very wild downhill track which can be admired today Woodward Camp on the California coast . Speed ​​and style characterize this sport , in which it comes to quickly arrive at the target and then to keep the trophy in the winner's hand. Still a lot of kids dream of World Cup title or winning an Olympic medal. A lot of training and hard work characterize the bmx racing. In the german camp has two hot irons in the fire were at the starting line with the racers Luis Brethauer and Maik Baier already at the last Olympics in London.

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