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The topic of brakes + co. has still very great importance, even in the age of breakless driving it is still important that you drive some drivers with brake. To brake + co. include any equipment a brake. Say, here you can find the brake lever, brake cable and of course brake pads and other...Click to continue.
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Brakes + Co. - How to install my brake correctly ?

the correct adjustment of a brake is a prerequisite for the functioning of the entire brake system. That means I have to check everything from the brake lever, brake cable and brake. We have a video prepared under the heading assembly instructions bmx how to build a bmx bike. Here you can take the most important tips for setting your brake. Of course, a fine tuning is always important. Should your brake after the first mount does not work, do not despair. You can also like our skype live chat avail and contact us directly and we support you via Skype what to do.

Often there are only small steps are missing that the brake works again. For example, if the tension springs of the u-brake are unequal or not tensioned. If the brake cable has a kink and does not optimally? If the brake lever enough voltage? Are the pads worn? All these are sources of error which need to be minimized, so that you bring your bmx bike optimally in any position to stop. If you prefer a rotor has to be right the functionality of your brake to 100%, as is quickly lost power due to the many diversions. So do not despair ask a professional, this is still the best way to find solutions, since the number of drivers has become very small with brake today you should you contact your bmx shop when it comes to future continues to be well to stop , for beginners, it is still important that a brake is fully functional because you can not be estimated at this stage like a bmx bike reacts in extreme situations, for example when you are driving down a mountain to your skate park and you suddenly come into the camp to stop quickly. Even with small tools and a little money brake is now revamped and you can jump carefree through the urban canyons again. What can be greater at the next curbside with your bmx bike in the Bunnyhop lift flight to stand around a new trick.

Brakes + Co. make you stop well

The demand for brakes rises a bit again. As the first riders got rid of their brake was thought, well surely just a trend. But far today, driving without pulling bmx brake far in the scene and even beginners are already asking whether beginner bicycle can detach easily the brakes on bmx so. Here, however, we advise clear from the off! It is important for a beginner that he first learns to drive with brake. Tricks like the simple Bunnyhop or Manual require a fully functioning brake. We understand that you want to get started right away as his role model Dan Lacey of accurately starts the next ledge in Tooth Pick.

But always slow, these are professionals and they sit for a long time in the saddle. Thus, one by one. In our brakes + co. assortment you have a very large selection of brakes, CNC-milled from high-quality to the simple u-brake high tech brake. Or how about a simple linear cable, which can replace a rotor for example. In the era of great new developments companies pop newer and better products to market. The rotor is almost completely died out and find them only in the park scene its application a classic bmx bike can do without brakes. Nevertheless, one should proceed step by step. The chronology of a driver starts at the entry level where each bmx bike is equipped with a pre-mounted brake, and deservedly so. First decide on the first steps with a stopper must be learned, and then you're far to approx. 1 year you can do it once you allow an open area dismantle a brake. For in the road brakes are still required, you should always aware when you are on your way to the spot. Time will show whether you have the makings of a real street rider and can abstain from a brake shoe and the consumption will increase it. One thing is clear you have to stop no matter how, whether with brake or with the shoe.

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