Safety Gear a must have for bmx riders

the issue of safety gear is one of the most important ever. Therefore, we have also decided to release a free helmet when bike purchase. Still be seen in video driver at the skate park or in the street without a helmet. We advise you always have a helmet protects you raise the. These...Click to continue.
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BMX Helmet - still the most important Safety Gear

But not only helmets are important. Each driver has his own definition of protection. The most important part of protective equipment is and remains the helmet. Of course, you can easily beyond with plenty of safety gear. Details are in the category safety gear a wide range. BMX safety gear online you can buy from us in a good selection, brands like King Kong or Fuse stand for best quality in this segment.

How about the latest kneepads? course so that it fits nicely in slim version available at your new jeans. You see we are in terms of safety gear with expertise on your side. Do you have questions, then turn away circumvent our customer service. Elbows, shins, etc. all you can now times strike and thus the manufacturers have also responded promptly and provide a variety of appropriate equipment. There are even own companies like Fuse who specialize only on the development of bmx saver, you can be sure that everything is functional and optimized for your sport. Many people use at the beginning to general savers back as example shin guards from football, certainly is that feasible in the first years depending but I'm doing tricks the more the demand for special equipment required.

BMX Safety Gear for your next trip

the issue of safety gear is still underestimated by many drivers. It is so important to wear his helmet at every ride, it protects against injuries. We at Oldschoolbmx of years ago already decided that our customers get a free helmet for each bike to purchase. Thus we make every customer happy with the purchase of a bmx bike. Helmets and protective gear, we offer exclusively to high-quality brands.

We take the protection of our customers is our top priority. Look around in the category of safety gear, here you will find all the best to protect you and your body and have the greatest fun on your bmx rides. In the early days freestyle riders as a driver of the race were equipped drives, so you do not be surprised if you see old bmx videos and Eddie Fiola with racing clothing and full face helmet by the California sky sails. Even the mouthguard at the time was a common means to protect the chin. When you consider that today is much higher and farther jumped but protective clothing often vernachlässigtwird something goes horribly wrong. Thank God you now the helmet made obligatory on events in the USA thus also contribute to the organizer at the sport safer. Our tip take your helmet paper scraps him with funny stickers and hang it always right on your bmx bike so you do not forget it at the next exit.

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