BMX Pegs for every BMX Bike

Pegs are the most important piece of your bike when your ride street. You will go over every ledge easily. They are available in aluminium, chromoly, or plastic versions. Real street riders use em in Chromoly. 4140 chromoly is a very tuff material which last very long and make the pegs...Click to continue.

BMX Pegs made from Chromoly, Plastic or Aluminium?

the decision is not easy at the large selection of bmx pegs. We must let the professionals in this decision speak. Do you look exactly once in large street contest on their bikes then you will quickly realize that the variety still fall back on the old tried and tested chromoly pegs. The reason is simple and easy to keep these things for all eternity and slide like crazy. Bmx pegs from chromoly steel learn during their development process several degrees of hardness. In chromoly a fall yes the same four numbers 4130 , Chromoly Pegs place because usually go one better and are made from 4140 chromoly.

The pure aluminium pegs can only be found in the flatland scene since aluminum is a very soft material and is less suitable for grinds. As with many other bmx parts make plastic not stop, not even at the pegs. Miscellaneous has already been tested long, a version has proven itself excellently and keeps more feeder. Chromoly Peg with plastic coating! This annual chromoly pegs are used and a so-called sleeve is pulled over the steel pipe. The producers use very hard types of plastic in order to protect them from breakage. All in all you have to say the join more and more a brave invention. Are you already for plastic pegs? In terms of these tubes the end of the story is still not achieved in the laboratories of the bmx manufacturers still operate it forcefully to present even better solutions. One can only wonder what else so here comes onto the market in order to make your bmx bike still non-performance of the steel pipes in the world.

BMX Pegs for the perfect grind fun

with the most important part of a bmx bike if you want to throw in the street parcours you. Hardly anyone is still without the little shaft extensions from, also called peg. Of course, if you're going racing or just to trails universe go're not interested in. the parts. But are railings and ledges in your world you feel comfortable then feel looking closer. To make decent first experiments on small rails, it is sufficient for the first if you put a pair on your bike.

Consider first what your site is with you jump things such as in a wall ride. Then you mount these pegs on this very page and try the bunny hop to jump on your rail. If you look you will see many professionals with 4 pegs equipment which does need a great deal of experience, so if you are a beginner hands off. The most complete bicycle manufacturer put the bike already have a pair with it. Strobmx bmx bikes puts her a pair chromoly pegs to thus you can get started right away and start the first grinds. The assembly of such parts is actually quite simple, you need a pair of things to look that everything goes well. When unscrewing the axle nuts you have to be careful that you do not crank up the cone of your boss when you're slotting the pegs make sure that it rests fully on the dropouts. Now insert the peg on and lead the support washer and nut on the axle in and tighten the nut with an extension and a ratchet again. When tightening also make sure that the cone does not loosen. Now go kanns and the way to the railing is you and your bmx bike against anything.

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