Top Best Service for BMX Bikes and BMX Parts !

Our Oldschool BMX team is equipped with the best riders around. From full BMXer, top technican or office lady you get the best in BMX. We are always here for our customers to deliver best service for BMX bikes and BMX parts.

Check the BMX Mailorder or directly in our stationary very cool BMX shop you get best you can. In fact all of our stuff are longtime full BMX riders so we can help you with maximum effort. Does not matter if you check Hotline, Email oder our Live Skype chat we are here to serve you perfect ! Check our BMX shop in Kornwestheim, for sure you will be happy. A big selection of BMX bikes and BMX parts are waiting for you.

Christine "Stine" Kienzle
Stine is in charge for the invoices and accounting. She is the good soul of or buisness ! 'You can call here anytime if you have questions about your order or invoice or anything elsse. She will tell you everything about your order status. Of course you can call Stine about the current available products. She always have direct connection to our system and can tell you whats available and whats not. Since years she works in the BMX Shop and has two boys who also ride BMX she knows what BMX riders need ! She is also in charge for our Dealers and take care about the full programm. Also in the B2B Shop she is the one for our Dealer care. You can meet here every year at the Eurobike Show and is a big player in our booth team. She also takes care about our BMX Team and delivers parts ! stine@oldschoolbmx.de

T.P. is ridin years on his BMX bike. In the early days of Sindelfingen BMX scene he did a lot of their legendary BMX videos and made foot steps in the scene. He is still one of the legendary riders which are lookin for the unimpossible lines. He rides em on his BMX bikes , does not matter where trails, park or street. We are happy to have him in our team since a long time. With his education in mecanical engineering Auto CAD Drawings etc. he is a big help. He is one of our main prodcut developer. You can call him anytime and T.P. knows a solution. He is still a regular in the scene and whenever possible he riders his bmx. His "Stuttgart or Die" Shirts are still a cult ! office@oldschoolbmx.de

Oliver "Oli" Kienzle
everything started in the late 70s when BMX came over the ocean. Since then the three letters affected him. Started on the BMX bike in the early 80s race scene, the magic of the mid 80s freestyle scene, or up to the 90s where BMX was almost dead. He is the guy for everything. He clears the upcoming container load, new ideas, advertising, grabbing a beer, runs the bmx shop etc. In the Oldschool Gmbh he does , news for the magazines, advertisment, social media etc. Up today he is riding his BMX bike whenever possilble. You always meet him in the bmx shop where all started. He hardly affected the Kornwestheim bmx scene and in 1984 there was a big bmx track here in Ktown. End of the 80s he also appeard as bike stuntmen in the Willy Bogner movie "Fire, Ice and Dynamite".

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