BMX Handlebars in many sizes

The handlebar is the nerve center of your bmx! They are now available in different widths and Heights! What is very important for your riding style. Higher bmx handlebar which are very popular these days give you a total of more room and space in your tricks! bunnyhops the basic trick...Click to continue.
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Which Height which Width for my BMX Handlebar

what size and width must have my bmx handlebar for now . Basically you can say of which depends a handlebar similar as the frame at the bmx rider's size. Since, however, the handlebar has more scope there is no longer a rarity that small drivers drive even large handlebar. One can generally say that to a size of 150cm handlebar height up to max. 8 inch possible. Are you bigger than 150cm , you can ride anything higher then 8 inch. Have a look on the different sizes :

  • 7-8 inch bmx handlebar up to 150cm
  • 8-9 inch bmx handlebar 150-180cm
  • 9 + inch bmx handlebar 180cm +

Since the width grows from the handlebars to the height you automatically set the width , which does not mean that you shorten if necessary also the bmx handlebars when you can be too wide . Therefore , some manufacturers provide your handlebar ends with so-called cutlines that if there is a need you can adjust the handlebar . Here, however, caution should be exercised to what once gone is gone. We therefore recommend maintaining the predetermined width of the bar , since the geometry is computed as optimal for height . An important aspect is the bending upwards or backwards , which is crucial for your driving style. Are you a handlebar is bent backwards especially before a less direct steering . Handlebars are bent particularly moved upwards to just as direct .

The BMX Handlebars is your Steering Cockpit

still is the bmx handlebars is the control center of bmx bikes . He'll give you the link to your bmx bike and is thus ultimately important for your feeling with the bike. There are the classic bmx handlebar therefore in very many designs. Name as backsweep and upsweep dive therefore always on in conjunction with the bmx handlebars. Since the high handlebars are very trendy lately , every bmx Company offers something in it just keeps these high handlebars also .

The S & M brand , it was the first came with such a monster around the corner and called him " Perfect Ten " . So whopping 10 inches was high this link, completely new at this time and it was initially laughed at if you showed up with this bar at the skate park . Today we know S & M had once again look to the future and set the trend for the bmx handlebars of today. Today handlebars of 8.5 or higher no longer a rarity . Without a doubt, bringing an extra handlebar very many advantages and by the height he offers plenty of room for tricks . Also, the leverage a very different and Bunnyhops and jumps easily go out of hand. This is one reason that these same high handlebars also finds already on most bmx complete bikes today.

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