Clothing- not only for bike riding!

An important issue is the clothing in bmx! helmet , pads and gloves you will find everything! Also shoes which are becoming increasingly important in the age of breakless riding. As we are riding for about 30 years bmx we know exactly what is important to bmx clothing....Click to continue.
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Which style is right for me ?

Basically, everyone should wear, in which you feel comfortable and what you please at first sight . There is also no specific style that you absolutely must have to be a cool bmx rider . What we really don´t want is to convince any particular style , because what makes bmx so unique is : many totally different more or less crazy people belong together , because of the fund of riding bmx . Look at the bmx pros and team riders from all leading bmx brands and you'll notice that there is a colorful mixture of various types.

What has never been wanted in bmx is a mainstream bmx style . All the different styles make the scene and the bmx sport so interesting and unique. What we can offer you , however , are some ideas for cool outfits . Look around in our shirts or caps and combine the parts according to your taste. Whether you're the rocker typ with leather jacket still looking for the cool sunglasses for his summer outfit , or jeans and T -shirt type who still needs a matching cap .

Clothing for your bmx bike

In our online shop you will gain not only all parts for your bmx bike or tips and tricks to buying a bmx bike , but also all you need for your lifestyle. From the protective clothing for bmx race to the stylish sunglasses you can get everything at Oldschoolbmx . Summer is just around the corner and the selection of t-shirts is great. Even the still loftier brother , tank tops are available. There are several well-known manufacturers in different shapes and colors. Often, not only the designers of the respective brand made ​​the appearance of the shirts but also the team riders and thus the bmx scene pros . These people know what's hot and know what desires a bmxers  heart have. Many bmx bike manufacturers have also great designed shirts and accessories that are fully matched by the style on your bmx . Look around our shop and you'll find matching shirts, shoes and jackets to your bmx bike . Pick one of the many caps or a warm beanie. Complete your outfit with a pair of sunglasses and the matching belt too. Oh and for transporting get yourself just one of our practical backpacks!

The issue of security is very important to us . A helmet should be a must have for any bmx bike rider . For the freestyle bmx you can choose one of the cool half-shell helmets. If you buy a bmx complete bike at our online shop you get a free helmet. However, for the bmx racer wearing a full-face helmet required! It is always worth times the quoted articles for a bargain to search . Choose one of our shinguards to protect your shin because pedal to the shin usually does not expire painless. So a schooner can enjoy the fun on bmx biking still a long time. Especially for the bmx racing a full face helmet , gloves, pads, race jersey and pants are essential for safe driving and also required by the rule catalog of BDR so . So just go on a riff and look at our range at your leisure. From an order value of 99 Euro we ship free inside Germany and you will get another gift for free! If you from near Stuttgart come to our bmx Shop in Kornwestheim and look around and try on what ever you want. We look forward to you.

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