BMX Tires offer you grip

BMX Tires are available in different sizes and widths! Today mostly fat tires are gone from size 20x2.20 up. Thickness 20x2.3 Tires are very popular because they give you good a smooth running! More and more the 20x2.4 tires are poppin out which offer more compfort on landings. but watch out...Click to continue.
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Which BMX Tire do I need

Folding or wire bed that is the question. A folding tire has arrived in bmx circus around 10 years ago and initially had a very large consumer base. This is due largely to the low weight that brings a folding tire with it. The flywheel on the wheels was minimized and you felt a noticeable difference to a traditional tires. For the pure park riders of folding has still justified because it is so only go on the concrete worlds of this planet. The tire rarely gets in the park blows or tears because the skate park because of its clean surface little points of attack for a tire provides.

Since the fraction street in recent years it has become bigger and of course you preferred obstacles, there was always more damage to folding. Imagine if you grind along a steep wall is only once how much the abrasion of an edge of a tire. Any questions? So you see the strain on a tire have changed a lot and it was on the original wire bed and improved version of this constantly. Tires of 100 or 110 psi today are no longer a rarity and are preferred in the pros. Not only the tire is important in your setup still work very well that your rim in optimum condition, or if I have a good rim strip ? does my tube still perfect ? Questions, questions you should clarify in the next tire choice in advance. Maybe you're already a driver swears for years on the same rubber, but commit new boundaries and expand your horizons, there are wonders of the tire art. More and more companies are currently offering the latest in alternative tire buisness, fat 2.4 tires. I am sure you now think, do not you serious. But if you're ever driven a bmx bike with such a thick rubber you will not come fast more of it away. The advantages are clear on the table, better cushioning, better support surface, etc. The list can go on forever, so even dare yet to grips with this new achievement.

BMX Tires for street rides

colored, fat, lots of little benefit or profile bmx tires are available today in all imaginable combinations. While it was the fat lugs which accounted for a tire, as are found today for each area its own tires. Of course there are still the all-round tire will work on any surface. Are you such an all-rounder and not put yourself in a special way the bmx procedure laid, so there are a variety of manufacturers that offer you the best for your wallet.

Names such as Strobmx, Fit Bike Co. or United have plenty on offer. Let's take a look at one of our top sellers in the program Strobmx "Humbucker" tires this is simply an optimal tires in all respects. You get him in the currently very popular size of 20x2.30 ! In terms of color tire designed in 3 trendy colors such as black, white wall or dark red wall. With an air level of 100psi it is made for the toughest applications. The tire has proven very successful in Strobmx for a very long testing period the driver to the production stage. Now it is available with us! Strobmx, it was important to create a rubber in the development of these tires in the high-stakes offers little wear, because the customer can therefore use it longer. Anyone who has driven it will be thrilled. Already the prototypes were ridden hard over a period of 2 years and held in all positions stood. Due to its special texture profile has the "Humbucker" very low rolling resistance and at the same time by positioned profile grip in the corners. The tire has 120 tpi, that is, in the jargon that ore has a lot of threads closely woven and therefore expresses the highest stability.

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