BMX Forks in great selection

bmx forks has evolved over the years! A today's bmx fork has to do with the beginnings in bmx nothing. But the design has matured in terms of weight and shape for years. Even today offer various bmx manufacturers like Odyssey BMX lifetime guarantees for their forks. Solely because...Click to continue.

Which BMX Fork should I choose

Which bmx fork for what purpose is explained by your driving style. Are you a street or dirt rider , you flatland or even race. A bmx fork is not the same as a bmx fork. You'll recognize the very different designs and types . Let's take a flatland fork , this bmx forks usually have brake bosses to mount a u -brake , in flatland is still common to ride with brake. A bmx race fork is now also made ​​mostly of carbon and therefore made ​​exclusively for use on bmx tracks. The best-selling bmx forks are today but allround forks they have no recordings for brakes and are made ​​from solid 4130 chromoly steel.

With these forks you're on all terrains . Whether you street, dirt , or in the park riding . These forks are designed for the maximum load and keep yourself jumps several meters from . The standard measure of bmx forks is now 1 1/8, so you should check in advance whether your bmx frame has this size . Today's bmx forks are also made ​​exclusively for integrated headsets. Before you fork selecting looking also which axle has your front wheel, since most forks only come with the standard dimension of 10mm. We wish now have fun shopping and note in advance the tips so that you can happily go with your new bmx fork the next skate park or the next weekend trip with your buddies.

BMX Forks for your BMX Bike

a bmx fork is the most exposed part of a bmx bike. Manufacturers have therefore considered already a long time which is the maximum here . Probably one of the best known and best manufacturers of bmx forks is the american company Odyssey . Early in the 90s, Odyssey has prescribed the bmx fork construction . Meanwhile Odyssey even offers various bmx forks on from their miracle material thermal 41 . A special heat treatment process to make these forks very strong. Thus, the Odyssey Race Fork has probably proved to be the best fork on the market.

Odyssey can even afford these forks to a lifetime warranty , something that can be found almost exclusively in Odyssey products. Since very strong lately the trend is towards Street has one also tested over the years various angles of inclination . Advantage here is that you can easily drive the much-loved Nose wheelies easier because you better bring weight to the front wheel by the steeper angle . These forks with a steeper angle , we recommend only the ambitious street rider . Design elements such as the very chic investment casted dropouts can be found at forks of Shadow. Here castings are welded to the tubes and sanded so that takes place a seamless transition . As you can see brands have made ​​a lot of thought in forks and you must wait for what the manufacturers keep still in their boxes. So you see buy bmx forks should be a good decision .

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