BMX Headsets from all Top BMX Brands

BMX headsets are now all equipped with sealed bearings! You you can rest assured that e.g. in bad weather, the sealed bearings stay clean . One style the campy version is the way to go ! consistently to all bmx manufacturers agreed on this measure which makes it very easy. There are...Click to continue.

Why do i need the spacers for the BMX Headsets ?

why are the supplied spacer so important for the bmx headsets. Most fork shaft lengths are now very different, and therefore requires a number of spacers to precisely compensate for these lengths, as sawing off the shaft due to the internal thread is usually not possible. Some brands such as Stereo Bikes Cult or have recognized the ravages of time and different sizes settled your tax rates. Thus, you always have the option to adjust everything perfectly. Due to the different heights of the spacers you can also the current desire for high handlebars meet, since you can gain by spacer another 2-3cm in height to without having to buy a new handlebar equal. Very handy so.

The maintenance of the bmx headsets is obviously a very important part and should be at a distance of approx. 6 weeks are held regularly. Preliminary any maintenance you should check the bearing play, that's relatively easy by pressing the front wheel against a wall and with the handlebars are testing the bearing clearance. Is match you should adjust by looking first dissolving the lateral stem bolts and then get dressed the topbolt with the allen key. Importantly, gradually proceed slowly. If the game is away, tighten side screws and you're done setting. If you still have not even done any of these settings work, then we ask your expert when it comes bmx bike, because the game is quickly adjusted the steering head. You can also become like our video site on Youtube inform here we give technical tips. We have, for example, a complete installation instructions for your bmx bike there so you can follow to build each step of unpacking.

BMX Headsets only integreated

It could not be to your personal income tax rate, no bmx headsets that we offer here for your bmx bike . We offer in our online shop at only the generally applicable today integrated headsets. Some brands use your low-complete bmx bicycles headsets that you have to put it in with a bearing shell. Since this system is very labile and is currently completely dying out, we no longer offer this version.

So back to the bmx headsets with high quality industrial bearings. The system is a very simple one. It used to be still necessary to press in the bearing shells consuming, they are already, as the name suggests, integrated in the frame. Therefore, a change of the stock within a period of approx. 5min stem down, fork out, old bearing out and the new one goes, done! The system is the very low maintenance because the bearings are sealed. To lock the system, the top bolts are slowly tightened the setting of the game takes place in the camp. After that you can tighten the lateral stem bolts again and finished the installation. Then you can tighten the stem bolts back side and is ready to install. To check whether everything back correctly on your bmx bike works introduce yourself against a wall and test whether there is play in the camp with your front wheel, if yes, adjust again fine. If everything fits is the ride in the next skate park and nothing prevents you to look forward to a hot joyride with your friends.

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