BMX Chains + Co from chaintensioners to colored chains

Still with the most important part of a BMX bike. Without it gets! The BMX chain is the power train and transmits the power of your check in at the rear. The drive unit should therefore be always in top condition and you should not skimp here with oils or fats. Because of course ensteht a certain...Click to continue.

Chains + Co. could it be thin ?

is one a few years back was a trend in the BMX sport recognizable went to more weight and more stuff. It was no part failed to make it even thicker and more stable. BMX frame with part 3.5 kg were not uncommon. Likewise, the BMX chain was not spared and some manufacturers made ​​use of thick Moped chains and strapped them on your twenty inch Fährräder.

Some people may still remember the a BMX bike saddle weighed 20kg. Unimaginable today! Even with the drive trains one has learned this and was filligraner. Do not worry, the stability of the chains has not diminished. On the contrary, materials such as chrome-moly today sweeten one the longevity of a chain. The times of a Mad Max-like chain are so over. Would not you constantly spend money to you to get a new one, we give you the following advice = Grooming is the most important. Since today mainly on a bmx bike, the small sprocket and chain rings are gone, this course is to particularly strong and load changes are not uncommon. The voltage is also not negligible and should be frequently checked for similar also in a motorcycle has a sag usually a wear on. Do but even bother to compare an old with a newly purchased and you'll quickly see what we mean. Since in a drive train always rubs material on material helps a proper lubricant. Commercially available today are very diverse products and we always recommend that with silicone as the sliding properties are best.

Chains + Co. the Power of your BMX Bike

in the topic chains + co. utmost attention is required. The chain crack the worst case can occur only if you do not properly maintain his BMX chain and waits. As with the motorcycle chains are wear and always when metal rubs on metal is a belonging degree of lubricant required. The retailer has so much to offer here, waiting with the highest quality lubricants on.

To clean a chain is to say that first of all, the chain is carefully removed from old grease and dirt. For this purpose there are special cleaning agents! Subsequently, the chain must be sufficiently sprayed with chain grease or similar lubricant. A view of the chain is always worthwhile, you can look for the first signs of wear look. Big sag of the limbs or small cracks are signs that an immediate chain change is necessary. Big sag of the limbs or small cracks are signs that an immediate chain replacement is necessary. Generally, we recommend the so-called Halflink chains as they run much easier on the small sprocket and thereby ensteht less abrasion. If you do not includes how you should adjust a chain rather then please turn to your BMX shop you trust, here you'll meet knowledgeable staff to help you quickly. The special tools such as chain tool necessary to perform a change. If you want to make the change itself, that's not a rocket science. A few tips are nevertheless taking into account:

  • open old bmx chain with the riveter
  • new bmx chain measure similar to old bmx chain (lay next to each other so as to measure the length)
  • mark point and then to cut the new one with the riveter
  • close the chain with the chain tool

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