bmx chains - half link chain a dream !

The bmx chains in Street has become more and more important. Through the grind of course, a chain is heavily burdened. Over the years, the chainrings are getting smaller, which meant that one had to think about something new in terms of chain. The little driver needs a more provisional...Click to continue.

Why a BMX Halflink Chain ?

Halflink bmx chain at long on the market, but has revolutionized the world . Shadow conspiracy were of the mid-2000 have popped up with this totally new concept in the scene from him. It was at this time one also came with the new driver the 9 or 10 teeth on the market. We needed a solution, because the conventional chains had a higher wear with these small drivers. Always have a look which version of chain you have, here are the common two :

  • 1/2 x 1/8 is the most ridden bmx chain and fits 95% of all bmx chainwheels
  • 1/2 x 1/32 is a more thinner bmx chain and is more used in the bmx race scene

In the Brains so the drawing board was vigorously swinging and you came up with this result on the market. Of course, the simple bmx chain still has its existence authority and is particularly used to start in the beginners area and is an inexpensive alternative to half link chain. But already in the advanced stage you will find only the ingenious invention of the chain type. Not only the optimized abrasion is an advantage, by the shorter limbs I have with the already mostly very short dropouts better adjustment. And time is of course not stand still but on the contrary, the brains of the manufacturers are in full swing, so it is not surprising that Shadow has recently already perfect introduced a newer version of your BMX chain on the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas. A limited number has already been put to sale. As announced by Shadow himself the first versions normally available this super chain will be available shortly. The special feature of this chain be this will be the members of forged links is. One hopes that the new development for even greater durability, especially while grinding where chains are now exposed to very high forces. The new developments in the field of BMX bike are still far from reaching the zenith and thanks to companies like Shadow not stand still the rice boards.

BMX Chains in all colors for your bike

as a bmx chain with one of the most stressed parts on a bicycle is absolutely important a good chain. A chain is a wearing course that requires special care, there are not such high speeds driven, but still subject to the chain very strong load changes. Care is therefore a top must. Of course, a chain in the street do not drive so confronted with dirt like riding the trails, well lubricated but both times is important.

The better a chain is lubricated the less it is subject to constant waste of materials. In the lubricant market, there are now very good silicone sprays which produce a protective film and preserve the chain. When cleaning the chain should you use chain cleaner and so the individual chain links run then good again, spray again smooth. In stores there are also so-called chain cleaner device which completely surround the chain and ensure brush for a smooth wash. This miracle weapons conjure out the last dirt and you will be amazed at how clean and running again. In any case, the maintenance of wear on a bmx bike of very great necessity, but in the age of throwaway generation less and less important. We wanted to do our part and make it clear that nursing is the alpha and omega and prolongs the life of some bmx parts many times. Therefore we advise to the mandatory spring cleaning and give you the following cleaning plan along the way:

  •  Clean chain with chain cleaner then vigorously spray with chain spray
  •  Clean the steering head bearings and regrease clean
  •  Remove the bottom bracket bearings and check if necessary or thoroughly clean and regrease clean
  •  Chainring and sprocket clean with detergent
  •  Check brakes if necessary re-tension springs and clean of dirt
  •  Remove the brake cable and re degrease
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