BMX Pedals in many colors

Bmx pedals got a big change in the last years from the classic aluminium pedal to the now famous plastic pedals. Its a wise change cause plastic pedals are way cheaper and way less expensive then aluminium versions. Every brand has em in different colors and differen styles. Also the...Click to continue.

BMX Plastik Pedal, for real ?

many think now sure if held. But do not worry the plastic pedals of today's generation have excellent properties. Also do grinds or falls can these pedals little harm, it also explains that a complete street movement these pedals called their own. No matter where you come of top people signature pedal versions in plastic on the market.

Suppose that were developed from Fly Bikes Ruben Alcantara "Fly Bikes Ruben Graphite pedals", one of the best selling pedals. Not only the look stands out from the crowd, even the material with additional graphite makes it particularly strong. Inspired by the classic form of the Shimano DX pedal, the original form of  bmx pedals, these pedals feature in all respects. In terms of bearings, you have to worry, high quality industrial bearings are usually installed in these pedals. Fly Bikes has always been a pioneer of his time, so it is not by chance that their model range from frame to seat post includes pretty much all the parts. Long Odyssey BMX was the undisputed leader on the pedal market, now gets from a good many marks as well pedals plastic versions. Excellent properties for grinding these pedals can no longer think away from the bmx scene. And a pedal should something have so far worn out by hard use in street contest so you can set with little money a pair of new bmx pedals. The benefits of plastic are therefore quite obvious, strong and cheap.

BMX Pedals for a though push

who can still remember the days when bmx pedals possessed strong and massive body and were armed with sharp teeth. Even today, many rail-legged bmx riders from the past the violent impacts of these pedals.It was therefore the reason why Odyssey has awakened a few years before her PVC pedal back to life. Already in the early days there were already plastic pedals have been but then displaced by the aluminum versions.

Still aluminum versions are manufactured by several companies, the trails community moves still mainly on aluminum bmx pedals. The advantages of plastic pedals but uniquely, the low price and low weight as well. This explains that mostly only plastic pedals are sold, they are also just changed quickly. With us you can find but still the good old shoes made of aluminum, Shadow, Odyssey BMX or Kink offer these same versions still on. And do not be afraid to get them in a convenient ball bearing or sealed bearings in the somewhat more expensive version. Today there are still drivers who rely on the durability of aluminum pedals and do not dare to switch to plastic pedals. In the bmx race community has for many years switched to clipless pedals which but for normal use are completely unsuitable and only the racing community is reserved. What pedals you for your bmx bike on the best available of course you should still decide yourself, we can give you highly recommend from our side the pedals in plastic design and look you look at the completes so you will immediately recognize that 90% is equipped with this sort of pedals.

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