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Create your bmx custom bike . Or choose out of our custom complete builds. Once in a while we create some famous custom bmx bikes. You will get real good deals and safe money on the regular price of bmx parts. Of course we give you some discounts as following : (up to EUR 1000 5% and...Click to continue.

Its worth to buy BMX Custom

the question whether a bmx custom for you is worth you need to answer you, of course last end itself . We can, however, help you enter whether or not . A bmx custom bike is then necessary for you if you are looking for custom personalized management and wishes for your driving style. Not everyone is the same, not everyone drives the same that is in order, each used his bmx bike in different ways. Until you , for example, a driver is traveling mostly on trails , then you should look for a bike that has a long frame , with a long wheelbase because it gives you in the air more stability and quietness . Also you should look at it that you have a good brake set up . Do you ride more street since come back other properties to fruition as a steeper steering head angle at the nose wheelies more weight you are on the fork. Even the swingarm is shorter in the classic street bike and you can make better turns. Pegs , an absolute must in the street driving. One sees the same a bmx custom bike worth then if you are looking for a bike to your individual needs in the respective division .

Are you a driver who is now at the very starting from scratch , then we advise you from a bmx custom compile , look at the bmx bikes you 'll find it there and get very good deals if it does not just have to be a current model . Do you belong to an ambitious advanced , are thus already 1-2 years on the road on a bmx bike and now playing with the idea of ​​how to proceed . Again, we advise not necessarily equal to the handles to a single structure . Look then in the category of bmx advanced or bmx pro, we are sure there is something here for you. Did you now answer all the questions for yourself and have come to the conclusion , i will do a bmx custom bike together , then we will offer you the service a bike according to your wishes in our bmx shop build then you can also have a discount to get 10% off the total price.

BMX Custom Bike for the Individual

first you have to explain the term bmx custom once. A bmx custom understood as including , to put a bike together with individual parts . Here from the spoke to the handlebar you choose everything yourself. Result is a thoroughbred custom bike according to your wishes and ideas. As everywhere such individual productions are not cheap, but you can pick as opposed to a complete bike your parts. At a bmx custom we recommend but only if you were already many years on a complete bike and now want to put together an individual bmx bike on your size, your wishes and ideas. Here is a list of facts for a bmx custom bike :

  • choose your own parts and build your individual bmx bike !
  • fits to your riding style !
  • choose your own size fits to your style !
  • 10% off full price !

    If you look at the bmx pros on so you can see most bmx bikes do not come off the rack , but do not be fooled because these drivers often drive prototypes are first tested and have not even been on the market you. There are numerous manufacturers offer no complete bikes but only bmx parts . Since the way to a bmx custom is very expensive and you should already know exactly what you want, we propose here is always first a detailed consultation in our bmx shop before . As our team has years of bmx rider experience , we can here in full detail and advise to the small detail and often also reveal favorable variants . The expensive is not always equal better , this principle is one especially for the single building of a bmx bike. Did you decide to do so and want to buy bmx , but that is not off the shelf , but should look exactly like the Tom Dugan and Mike Aitken then call us. Email us or let yourself about our Skype live chat, or even better advice directly in our bmx shop . How about just take over and experience the bmx parts and bmx frames live on site . Maybe we can reinforce your enthusiasm even when you hold the part in his own hands .

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