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The department miscellaneous + co. offers you so much that you will not find in any other category. It starts at at at labels, magazines, and tool. A wide variety and always like to browse for a gift for your favorite BMX buddy. Check it out and get inspired.Click to continue.

BMX Stickers - everybody need em

Stickers are back in fashion. There was a time there was no place stickers on a bmx bike. Now they are currently top again. Every company has them in the program and it must be on every whishlist. Most brands offer them in complete sets of approx. 10 on stickers. So you have enough sticking to beautify your room or even your desk. No longer just the bmx bike is plastered violently, no everything else as your favorite rail or ramp is decorated.

The simple designs has always been to present a great tool to its brand. Some brands still offer more merchandise items such as banners or even large-scale ramp stickers. Look at you in times of division stickers to and we are sure you'll find it. Today it is more hip than ever send his bmx bike with stickers to embellish again, as many professionals have several sponsors that again make the salary supplement something. But also chic frame sets are now available and you can give absolutely new coat of paint in a few seconds his BMX bike. Since the companies are very inventive occur almost weekly new sets on the market, we are of course always constantly try to keep everything current here to provide you fresh with the latest stuff. We always get a lot of requests for how to best the old glue from the frame or handlebars without adhesive residue to have. You'll usually can not deduct the sticker at once without residues, especially if he is a bit older, yes, but a good way, it is easy to use then the peeled to remove the debris. Try the method once and you'll be amazed as you quickly and easily get the residual glue off.

Misc.+Co. something for everbody

in our category misc.+co. you'll find a lot of parts such as media, stickers and tools. This category lends itself wonderfully to to rummage through it like a toy store. Be there to grab your latest stickers set of Subrosa. Or how to learn a new Ride UK BMX magazine for the latest news. But even so useful as tools you can find here. Some companies have even in recent years made ​​great thoughts on the topic bmx tool.

Let's take again the multitoll of Shadow, here you have everything with it when it comes to next road trip. The times are around where you had to put your car in the heavy tool box. Since the era of small multi-tool has come. More and more brands come with these small tools around the corner it was only a small allen wrench set or the complex multi-tool, you can buy Oldschoolbmx bmx tool online. Of course, everyone does not have to buy anything in your click so, since it is sufficient if one denies himself and lies down to such a part, or you put together and now you have your team tool. For by one, you can be sure that you safely times a tire on your bmx bike or a broken chain must replace the next trip. Repairs include the bmx bike as important as the butter to the bread, so it is always good if you look at dealing with the technology and know what to do before you sit around on a sunny day just because you do not know how to fix the plates. We give you our video tutorials always top tips for repairing and maintenance and you should get stuck, then you may also contact us and we keep one or another important tip for you ready.

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