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Media you will find bmx mags or dvd . Today most of companies do not have dvd anymore they upload em directly to Youtube or other channels. But if you are a fan of bmx magazines , hold em in hand and read em , you are right . Get your Issue ! Click to continue.

My first BMX Video

how can i create my own bmx video. One need not elaborate filming more expensive camera for his latest trick and put into the municipal grid. Every popular mobile phone today has numerous video functions with which one can hold his street moves on film for eternity short hand and the best quality. Also the cut and deposit with music is available on phones today. And since this everyone always has with it makes it the film is particularly simple.

Once you've finished your first video you put in Youtube or Vimeo for free on its own channel on which you upload these videos. And you're done! Edit and already visible on the net for everyone. Many of these useful mobile apps with which you produce your videos may already have direct access to the social medias. Even Instagram, a photo platform, which has enjoyed great popularity in the bmx scene enormous popularity. Here it runs like you you put in a profile and can merrily go take pictures or present small movies. Have a look to your favorite professional past, we are sure this has been an Instagram and YouTube channel where you can always watch the latest videos. And now I am your own filmmakers and show your friends what tricks you with your new bmx bike have it, let me simply shoot and go online. But simply organizing the next movie night where her your road trip video shows how her with the bmx bike jumping around in Barcelona. We are sure that will be all over again enjoy an unforgettable evening and you can bmx.

BMX Media for your tv

Bmx circus the media landscape has changed enormously in recent years. Previously there were videotapes produced elaborate and put the manufacturer with enormous tasks. Road trips were organized etc. Nowadays in the Age of iphones and other multimedia devices each can quickly make times even his best run into the nets and fill the channels from Youtube or Vimeo. Therefore, one finds less and less classic dvd productions actually can afford only large companies are. Everything else goes into the social media from rail and there you can easily like their channels and is promptly when Dan Lacey makes his latest tooth over trick supplies.

Similarly, one can follow this development in the print media. Some have already withdrawn from the print area and only operate online magazines on their platform and achieve big traffic. The Come up look you can see how such a successful online platforms work. We can look forward to the future of media which surprises we may still expect bmx. Or look at times only the success story of GoPro, the company is very small with cameras that you can attach all started and today you can see in almost all sports breathtaking movies filmed with these cameras look. Long ago, there are special brackets to attach the on bmx bike or helmet and so turns every imaginable position his film. Regardless if you double somersault or at its stairset these cameras capture your special moment for eternity.

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