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with us you can find everything when it comes to wheels + co. Whether you're looking for your latest BMX rim or hub Eclat. Perhaps the latest hubguard of Shadow? these can be found here. The topic is broad and fast a set of new spokes are times due or the driver has seen its better days....Click to continue.
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BMX Hubs - Big Choice in Wheels + Co.

which BMX hubs may it be? Since the street area has increased over recent years, there is of course the have responded to the leading BMX brands. A hub is a very complex entity today. Consisting of hub body, axles, bearings and driver, there are together, the part that sets your rear wheel in motion. Hubs are today in very different versions of the LHD (Left Hand Drive) or RHD (Right Hand Drive) or the new switch drive (you can switch between LHD and RHD).

By default, you drive today still the 9T driver. Bruno Hoffmann and the likes of his character top riders, more and more back to freecoaster. The freecoaster allows you the reverse not to contact. Again, we have top products in the program. At what hub you now fret we leave you! Have fun choosing! For the alrounder the use of a normal cassette hub is quite enough, they will give you the full range of commonly used today bmx hub. Whether the Left or Right drivers are will turn out to sports only during prolonged operation in bmx, for example, if you jump tricks from the left or from the right. On which type you prefer, you should make your choice. The bmx freecoaster hub allows you additional variations of tricks and you can relaxed ride backwards without you having to pedal along. In some videos of renowned professionals you have this type of driving safely able to see that. There are already some manufacturers offer such hubs also occasionally one finds it already bmx bikes. We recommend you let yourself here extensively us help. career over. Who has not yet happened, violent strike at the skate park of your trust. Now the wheel has a stroke, what to do? Do not despair ask Oldschoolbmx. We will always stand with advice. If you have the opportunity then look directly into our BMX shop in the beautifully situated Kornwestheim in the middle of Germany south past. From here we drive the BMX shops now for well over a decade.

BMX Wheels - without nothing spins on your BMX Bike

As we all drive yourself BMX you get know-how from first hand. So no problem if you have a stroke in the rim or even a tube down his life. Even here locally we have one of the most beautiful street plazas throughout Germany and has already lured some BMX riders and skaters in our city. Our rims on site service allows for a quick check. Everything you need for your wheels + co. again to get into shape, check out our BMX shop and mailorder. Of course, not everyone can directly visit with us, the convenience of World Wide Web make it possible remote diagnostics via Skype Live Chat to make. So get to your pc or tablet show us your part and we'll create a check ! The functional capacity of bmx rim assumes, of course, many factors. Everything must be in balance, the rim just stock your hub function properly, run driver and latches the hub optimal. The wheels of your bike and wheel are next frame, fork and handlebars the most stressed parts and maintenance is also absolutely necessary. Check from time to time simply drop your wheels and make a visual inspection so you can quickly determine if everything is alright in a few minutes. Also, the concentricity of your wheels is quickly checked for height or side shots. At least once a year you should conduct an audit of a BMX shop of your choice can be to be ready for the season perfectly again. In the winter, not so much is well known down there and you have time to take your bmx bike right times under the microscope and if necessary re-upgrade.

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