A big selection of BMX Hubs

Cassette hubs are the standard in bmx since a few years! By freehub it has become possible only small pinion sizes of 8, 9 or 10 teeth to go. A cassette hub has today a very complex inner life! Several sealed bearings ensure a worry-free operation. Even today there are bmx hubs that...Click to continue.
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Spoiled for Choice - Cassette Hub or Freecoaster

whether i choose the classic cassette hub or a bmx freecoaster depends on whether you're more in the street area than on other terrain go. Generally, we recommend a beginner no freecoaster because the driving style a significantly limits. With the classic cassette hub you are ready for use in each area. Whether the street or dirt are going, park or trails. A cassette hub is well prepared for everything. Even known street riders ride still in regular operation with the cassette hub. Should it be now but the freecoaster, he was initially only used in Flatland, now have some street riders discovered its benefits for himself.

The freecoaster has indeed the operation that you do not have to pedal when driving backwards. The mechanism allows you to achieve, you have the option of setting even in some hubs these so-called gap. Be aware of you when you get in love with a freecoaster. It requires a fundamental different driving style and is not recommended for the beginner. They are now available from some manufacturers, but all the system of KHE use, which has prevailed. KHE was one of the first manufacturers of bmx freecoaster hub and therefore have a very large experience in this field, which has prompted other manufacturers to resort to this system. Actually, does this kind of the hub from the flatland area in which very quickly makes even short distances in knitting on a small area, special tricks required just that you can drive in reverse should not contact thus they came finally to the invention. Already company was created in the 80's as the freestyle sports have on this hub style must leave teeth, because the principle is not just easy. ACS is a brand from the very beginning had already where you could change the mechanism even a boss. The street sport has evolved over the last few years towards that trick where you 180 stair sets you jump backwards and lands at a certain speed, you just can not help pedal. In clear you have to be yourself that you should test the Freecoaster once before to grow it to his bmx bike as it comes through the existing gap on re-starting a small delay. Is it the once mighty good to go without a problem and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this hub and fast driving style is then addressed.

BMX Hubs for the perfect run

the classic bmx hubs are all cassette hubs today. The hub as it was related to the earlier one a screwed on versions. Due to the fact that the standard translation has recorded on 25/9 almost exclusively bmx cassette hubs are built nowadays. Here you will find a very wide selection of leading hub manufacturers. Since we place great value on well-known bmx manufacturers, you can find us exclusively bmx hubs on the highest technical level.

Hubs are now offered in two different versions, the classic hub axles or female hubs. The female system are screwed in the bolt in the hub body have now become established. The matching hubguards can be found under hubguards . Have you traveled Freecoaster capable, then you will also find a selection of BMX freecoaster hub. Please remember, however, that a freecoaster hub always moves differently as a regular cassette hub. So you see, the choice is vast and you have to know in advance what therefore fits your style. Frequent travelers swear again today to the normal 14mm rear axle, as it is quite stable due to their solid construction. With regard to rail tricks where you really need Pegs is extremely much pressure on the rear axle which many professionals has led over the years to again to revert to the classic axle system. Spoilt for choice is yours and so it is very decisive importance on what terrain you move, you're only on the trails in the world on the go you'll send you hardly think about Hubguards or pegs because you simply do not need them. In the tough street life do not you come around it will equip your bmx bike so that it is ready to handle all divots in life, as they quickly get damaged otherwise and you have no joy. But with a little handles either trails or suitable street is a bmx bike today quickly switched fit and, thank God, the geometries of the current frame are almost always compatible with all types of terrain

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