bmx kids bikes for every age

A child or bmx kids bike is distinguished by the smaller wheel diameter. In the other sectors can be found only 20-inch bmx bike sizes. Here in the bmx kids class we start with the smallest of bmx bikes, the 12-inch model. It is the smallest of the small and usually for 6-year olds...Click to continue.
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BMX Sport Variety

The bmx sport in his variety gives one the opportunity to do all terrains in the world. Ok, it's not useful to overthrow with the bmx bike , a downhill track for mountain bikes. Also for the one purpose of a sentence bmx bicycle , there are natural limits. If only it was formerly on bmx tracks thus has many more opportunities to indulge today at his spor . Still skate parks and bmx courses in numerous communities pops out who have a heart for this sport. The Jungedkultur is gives many local hearing and if one does together we are stronger together.

There are now a lot of projects with a role model who started very small and today are big bmx communities. Taking the Jugendpark in Cologne, where now been held for over 30 years bmx, this is just one of many examples is made as bmx practical. Or take the street scene, which has increased significantly in recent years , they organizes itself through its own small but mighty bmx street contest. Alone, only one rail is enough and everyone can practice his tooth pics or rail slides . The enthusiasm generated what a BMX bike is without equal . If you have ever cruised even with a bmx bike in a pool , passed through steep walls or jumped on a quarter pipe over the coping, then you know the meaning of these three letters . Set Pure driving pleasure and no shift lever or spring fork tuning. From bmx kids to bmx pro bikes you can experience this pleasure for everyone of all ages.

BMX Bike for the Kids

a bmx bike in the category bmx kids is made ​​for the little bmx rider . Are the other classes consistently fitted with 20 inch wheels these bikes are only for small riders . The difference is between 12, 16 or 18 inch bmx bikes. The equipment and functioning of a bike in the bmx kids class are identical to those of the normal twenty inch division . The differences lie in the frame, handlebars and crank length. A bmx rider does not have to a certain age have to do with this sport, even the little ones learn the sport on these wheels and maybe someday they will be a Dave Mirra or Chase Hawk. The motto of early trains himself is here in the first place. Lets check the different sizes in the bmx kids bike class :

  • 12 inch = smallest bmx bike in the kids class for age up to 6 years and body size up to 100cm
  • 16 inch = a bmx bike for kids in the age 6-8 years and body size up to 110cm
  • 18 inch = bmx bike for kids age 8-11 years and body size up to 120cm

Also in this category , we ensure only offer the best companies , whose ambition is to preserve the bmx sport at a quality level . Aspects such as weight and agility play a special role in this class. For it is of enormous importance not to jump with a bmx bike that weighs as much as he himself to slide through the pools and skate parks. Be especially careful , because these factors determine whether your child will develop fun and the motivation for this sport to operate permanently. Importantly , protective clothing , so we have gone from Oldschoolbmx to about every buyer of a bmx bike gets a free helmet . You can only find here . Nothing stands in the way of a bmx advice from a our bmx specialists , if you want to buy bmx then you can be adequately advise and have a happy children with enthusiasm for the sport.

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