BMX Seats + Co in many colors

everything that goes around the BMX seats you find yourself low on the large selection of BMX saddle as nowhere in our category seats + Co. great. Since it today different types of saddles are you've obviously spoiled for choice. But do not worry, we're sure you'll find the seats of your trust....Click to continue.
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The Purpose of Seats + Co.

the purpose of a BMX seat you do not see the first time around. An unlearned the scene would say, why a seat? If you the tricks of the driver but look closely you quickly and efficiently identify the sense of the seat. Be it a tailwhip or barspin a BMX seat serves as a fast support and hold to perform a trick suitably clean. But the Barspin requires a firm hold of the legs to the seat.

So you can clearly see a BMX seat is especially important. Are you perhaps already of great height with the rear part added to the seat? Yes, we have made ​​you curious. Then check times but if you think in one of the new "Mid" sizes, you have more padding and therefore more protection! While it was mostly Kevlar covers so has the design spectrum expanded considerably and so there are now companies that are world famous for their art to the saddle. If you look saddles of Subrosa or Strobmx you'll quickly notice of what we are talking about. The pedestal has developed for much more an expression of personality and driving style and hits the bmx movement zeitgeist. The saddle is the expression of your personal lifestyle therefore it is not rare to cool driver creations. If you take the offer of Strobmx times before one sees that diversity can have a subset of today, as can be seen from crocodile leather (fake of course!) over wild nature pattern or Western beautiful embroidery and everything in between. Experience your bmx bike in a completely new look and'll buy him a new bmx saddle.

Seats + Co. for a safety sitting

the subject of seats + co. seems to be endless, considering the numerous new publications on the market. As a constantly current BMX shop and mailorder course, we are always at pains always to provide our BMX onlineshop with the latest products. You see, for example, directly on our homepage in the "new products".

Since you always comfortably move you on your BMX bike shalt there are BMX seat upholstery course in different strengths. Here you can choose from no lining up to "Slim" or "Mid" size. Popular are currently the "Mid" sizes as they are much thicker padded like a normal seat. That remains as much a matter of taste but and should be decided by yourself. Technician version you are on today and the simple variant rail is now found almost exclusively in one Oldschool bmx bike. What was once long as the ultimate has revolutionized the latest with the invention of the Pivotal version. Even companies such as Uni BMX (the inventors of the saddle combo) were sure in this area will focus on too long time to change anything, it was far from it. There were revolutions in the history of ever! Even today you can hear songs of praise from Taiwanese manufacturer castles on the invention of the Pivotal system, since it is both straightforward and logical.

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