BMX Cranks for BMX Pros and BMX beginners

The cassic bmx cranks Profile has designed in the 80s today is still an example for many manufacturers of bmx cranks! Basically there is the 19mm or 22mm dimension! Some manufacturers such as Odyssey test already 24mm axles! Basically to say that today's bmx cranks due to their nature...Click to continue.
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Since when there are 3pc BMX Cranks

BMX cranks with the 3pc system has been around since the end of 70s. A brand that was here probably created the revolution in bmx buisness Shimano . Yes just this brand that today all mountain bikes equipped with gearings. Shimano at that time was a very zealous tinkerers shop and you took advantage of the new bmx sports increasing knowledge cranks and gearings to obtain . Under the name of Shimano DX Series starts at this time a bmx program has no equal sought .

Bobby Encinas at this time a top racer of his guild was signed and was henceforth tester of the new parts. The Shimano crank was way ahead of your time because it had an eccentric already installed on these cranks to mechanically change the crank length. Even a system with bmx gears there was at that time. This was a milestone had been but used only the simpler one-piece bmx cranks to date . Likewise, Cook Bros. also a trademark of this period brought quickly forged aluminum bmx cranks on the market, it was not long and everyone wanted to buy such a bmx crank . Shimano still makes to this day bmx cranks but these exclusively for the bmx race market.

BMX Cranks for your BMX Bike

executions which there is actually a bmx cranks . Many cheap bmx bikes can be seen still the so-called one-piece crank . As the name suggests it is made from one piece, but which is a system that is very unstable and is not recommended. Even at entry level bikes we recommend such cranks not , so stay away of such bikes. The far better system is the 3- piece bmx cranks how to find them today to 90%. This crank is very strong due to their design and is especially out of the saddle against all the forces that act prepared . Again, there are various designs such as an 8 -spline system where the axle has an 8-fold notches . A system has prevailed for the bmx and to get as good as can not avoid if you are a professional or amateur moderately go. So now you ask which length do i need, there are only few options so we give you some advice :

  • 150-160mm crank length up to size 150cm
  • 160-170mm crank length size 150-170cm
  • 170mm + crank length start 170cm + 

The 48 -spline system as it was invented by Profile Racing in the 80's has proven itself and is the best thing there is. Profile Racing a company that has made originally for special parts dragster cars , invented this system. The child of the owner rode in the early 80's bmx race in Florida , the father windy developer, said the need to go even better. Parts from the cnc forging were quickly created top . This system is still used today by all manufacturers now available in 19mm or 22mm versions . Especially 24mm axles are tested but you have to wait and see how the stock react.

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