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In the bmx pro division you find consistently high-end bmx bikes. These can be in terms of facilities, cutting-edge design, functionality to be desired. Today a complete bike you can almost indistinguishable from a custom bmx bike. The bmx manufacturer use your high-end models...Click to continue.

What is a Bunny Hop ?

bunny hop ? where does the term bunny hop come from. It's probably just the bmx trick that started it all . It used to be practiced over a can of coke or a brick. Still it all starts with this trick. He is the solid base for every bmx trick. It is available in different variants such as 180 Bunny Hop, 360 bunny hop , bunny hop barspin ... your creation and execution are therefore no limits . It has its roots in skateboarding, where this trick is called Oly . You can learn it in two techniques , the first , first you lift the front wheel and pull in the wake of the rear wheel and so you jump the obstacle. It is important that you fully uses your upper body and go with a forward movement with your bmx bike. At this moment you come against the saddle and you move your upper body behind the saddle while extending your arms.

In the other technique you pull hard on the arms and move your body like a spring which stretches up and liftin simultaneously both wheels . The first technique allows you to come over higher obstacles. You should be paying attention if you would like to buy bmx that this is already equipped with high and wide handlebars. The nature of this fact is you have here a clear positive impact because the leverage is better by the width and height than a flat bmx handlebar. Its not rare with the bmx pro bikes heights to 8-9 inches.

BMX Pro Bike

A bmx pro bike is normally the top notch of the complete bikes. With a bmx pro bike you get the best that a brand has to offer together in a complete. Desires , remain rarely open. A delight and feast for the eyes , it is every year when the company reveal their latest creations on Eurobike Friedrichshafen. In these high-end models you have the chance to get the highest level of the best technology . In recent years, the companies have your top models used to offer more and more aftermarket parts from your productline precisely on these models . You have to keep in mind , here you get it collected in a complete bike. This means you would buy these parts individually far above the price for such a bmx pro bike from the bmx professional class. Classic specs of a professional bmx bike are : 

  • frame, fork and handlebar are always made out of 4130 Chromoly !
  • frame details like CNC made drop outs, which make the frame even stiffer !
  • often "Aftermarket" parts, are on the bmx professional bike !
  • parts from brands like Odyssey or Fly Bikes are installed !
  • geos are professional rider approved !
  • bmx team riders are involved in the pro bike process !

Whether Stereo Bikes or Wethepeople , Verde or Subrosa you can be sure you at their bmx pro models you will not contain any part that does not correspond to the highest standards currently in force . A big know-how on driver knowledge , endless tests and a thickness dose of design culture just tiles these bikes . Nowadays you can see no more difference from a custom bike to a bmx pro bike. Enjoy these driving fun and expand your skills with such a bike. Such a bmx pro class had ever been , unfortunately lost in the 80s bmx sport then these high end models more and more decreased their importance in the 90s so the bmx sport in general . Today, however, we experience again purely revival precisely these models, which is the king among the bmx bikes. For every true bmx brand its a must have in their portfolio . Let us surprise what still lay ahead for us magnificent models . Look at the current models in the bmx pro class and reach us through our skype live chat and you get any advice . BMX buy at Oldschoolbmx and free shipping with free helmet. Any questions?

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