bmx bikes from beginner to pro

Here you can find the whole bmx bike range . And yes you get a Free Helmet . the bmx bikes are distinguished bmx beginner , bmx advanced , bmx pro , bmx kids , bmx custom and bmx race ! So you should proceed after this selection! With us is the limit for bmx bikes at EUR...Click to continue.
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BMX Bikes and Technique !

bmx bike cheapThe bmx bike has changed a lot over the years. Was it earlier still simple technique such as a one piece crank bmx bike now has the only 3-piece chromoly cranks. The progress in bmx has a lot easier. Groundbreaking was for example the use of integrated headsets where directly the bearing is installed in the frame . Say there are fewer mistakes and thus driving more fun and joy in bmx . Or you take the now standard built mid bb, where as well as the headset in the bottom bracket bearing cups are not related but the bearings are inserted in the frame.

The BMX Bikes of today's generation have many advantages in terms of weight and stability , easy turning and agile to describe the properties of a bmx bike. What more you want because like after school to swing on his twenty inch bike and with his best buddies the latest railing on the corner to grind . Pegs , the wonders of things with which you can just make such stunts and tricks. Start your adventure when your bike has arrived at home, build it together quickly and you'll quickly feel the spirit of bicycle moto cross . By the way you should need help in setting up , even to the we thought . Mounting instructions BMX for your bmx you can also find on the site. On the market today there are a variety of manufacturing of bmx bikes, brands like Wethepeople , Stereo Bikes , Subrosa just some have to call himself claimed over the years and make today with the best of completes what there is. These brands entertain teams so you can be sure the input and know how the driver has flows in the development of the BMX Bikes . One advantage to not offer all brands . You should buy bmx from these brands.

BMX Bikes Overview

bmx bike + free helmetthe small 20 inch bikes are still the absolute hit ! bicycle moto cross, its the name behing these sport . The sport in the early sixties was invented as california kids motocross your idols trying to imitate. Since wherewithal for its own motocross machine was not available, thus short hand was all in your time very popular schwinn stingray dismantled everything and off we went to the dirt drive . A new sport was born. quickly , the sport spread throughout america and then in the 80s also rapidly throughout europe and the rest of the world . Big Events such as The ESPN X-Games in america, but also other events such as Street Series , or the Simple Session make the sport even today the absolute highlight .

BMX Bikes are for everyone, beginners also called on BMX Beginner to BMX Pro is all what the heart desires . Technically , of course, has done a lot over the years and has noticeably as the bikes have become lighter. For bmx beginner still sufficient if a bmx bike is made ​​of hi-ten steel , very strong and technically , this material is for the bmx frame, handlebars and forks has been proven . The proven 4130 chromoly one begins only at the so-called BMX Advanced. Likewise, you already receive here rims with sealed bearing hubs and sealed so-called double wall rims . When bmx bike purchase very many factors such as size and age matter . Your dream bmx must be carry you in the highest hights and be no obstacle. A fascination can develop only when you have the right bmx bikes tailored for you .Wenn you buy bmx then also use our live chat service skype here we can help you quickly and competently. Oh and do not forget when buying a bike get free helmet and free shipping . Now we have aroused your bmx heart in you? Enjoy using the large selection of BMX Bikes

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