BMX Gloves for the perfect grip and guard

Gloves you need it or not. Some riders use em some not. But be sure the first thing you will hit with are your hands. So sometimes they are necessary. In bmx race its a must. Street, dirt or park some use em. Some bmx brands make em with great materials so your hands does not sweat....Click to continue.

The correct Size is most important for BMX Gloves

The most important criterion in choosing a glove is the perfect fit. So we are now once all been different, the heist each course also has other hand sizes. Principle it is recommended once to try on a pair of gloves when bmx shop you trust locally. If you can not do this and you want to order online, no problem. Surely you have the opportunity once in the skate park or at the next street session again to attract a pair of your buddy or friend. Here are the sizes :

  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • Kids

Check what size it is and test the gloves also equal on the bar. It forms a bead on the inside, the fingers are too long, etc. Now you have a clue what size you need. A scale sizes we have prepared this page for you. There is not much more to consider when choosing. As you can see in the offer design and color plays a major role of plain black to bright finger stalls you can select. But priority is always the protection and should be prioritized in the selection, for what it's worse when you've just bought new bmx parts and you're hurt. Just the hands are very important because you make the connection to your bike and you should always make sure the next trick in his hand. Factors such as sweat or dirt you should therefore in your grip area not prevent materials such as neoprene or leather found in the glove processing more and more. It looks natural in various videos still many drivers without appropriate protective slip over the edge of the concrete, but this should motivate in any way to take from safe distance away. A bmx bike is still a sport equipment and should be treated as such, or have you ever seen a football player without shin guards?

BMX Gloves for extreme use

The bmx gloves of the new generation as the King Kong BMX or Odyssey have completely new processes. It is away from the thick solid materials as they have been mostly used even in the 80s. Even Oakley has its popular and best selling glove the "Factory Pilot" again but construed in much thinner as we knew him. It places particular emphasis on solid grip in the gloves, he must be ergonomically designed for optimum grip on the handlebars to have. Also, the material must be sweat management as otherwise quickly a moist spongy feeling and you slip.

Of course, not always the glove to blame if you slip once the handlebar. Also, the upper material of the gloves has changed significantly, to get away from thick appliqué which restricts the freedom of movement. Protection of the hand is of course still in the forefront in the development of protective equipment, yet we hear today more on the real needs of bmx riders and consistently implements new ideas. It is therefore not surprising that now leaves the development of protective equipment is not only big companies but take things into their own hands. Companies like Fuse or King Kong are one successful example of how the sector can help themselves and unceremoniously scene provides necessary equipment. We have also responded by Oldschoolbmx and, in recent years there has been with us for the purchase of a bmx bike helmet a Free to you only find with us. But also for the bmx parts purchase, we put free beanie to you have any questions?

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