BMX Pants that fit!

today Skinny Jeans are hip. but thats good cause you will not hung up with your Jeans . some bmx brands have real Bmx Jeans . check em out ! over the years only a few brands are doin real bmx jeans. for example the famous king kong brand is doin well with their "King Kong...Click to continue.

Mister Lee Strauss was born in Germany!

Here's a bit of background about our beloved jeans. The discoverer of jeans Mister Levi Strauss was actually born in Franken. So the jeans is a bit also from Germany! Well maybe a bit far leaning out the window. And in principle it doesn´t matter. They are here and here is a litte of their history in broad terms: Levi Strauss had specialized in the manufacture of trousers for gold diggers. These pants should be sturdy, durable and insensitive. So he took a solid material the first denim. But that was only the beginning. What a right pair of jeans are also accounts for the rivets at the seams and the double orange stitching. Two other ingredients for an extra durable pants. The rivets were an idea of a tailor so turned to Levi Strauss and with him lies enter the patent for. The Blue from Blue Jeans came through the most common used blue indigo dyeing of fabrics.

What began as a worker pants spread first only in the U.S. and  movie legends such as James Dean and Marlon Brando made them a must have for any teenager. In Germany the jeans took their triumph after the 2nd World War by the American GI's. And since then they are unstoppable! Only in the 90s the jeans once had a short trailer of the "baggy pants" which has since been again caught up loosely. We thank Mr. Levi Strauss for his great idea and wish the jeans even after 100 years still only the very best. Long the simple jeans pants was the best pants for the bmx bike, the for no other reason, the company Levi then had to chose a bmx team sponsors and everyone knew immediately what pants were wearing when his cleats frosted bullet through the hill flew. Later, there was again a comeback the legendary brand in bmx sport and one sponsored some professionals. But when the collection of bright and colorful clothes racing in the early seventies and eighties finally replaced the jeans pants it was not smart to go only in a simple jeans.

Jeans is still the best bmx trouser

Who among us would like to give up his beloved jeans today? From the workers' trousers, the jeans has successfully enforced in all areas of life and in all lifestyles. From baby to grandma all love the jeans as a robust and insensitive trouser. It doesn´t matter if they are in the typical blue or sometimes in black, perhaps even in multi-colored, jeans designs is set no limit. Whatever style your favorite is thats no decision of fashion trend or anyone else ..... but only you determine it Should it be a skinny jeans? or sometimes a shock trouser jeans? the classic form 501er? Boyfriend Style? high or low waist? buttoned or zipped? perhaps a blatant wash? or holes? the imagination knows no boundaries and it decides all by yourself and your own taste. You do not know what you should wear? Then take the classics: Jeans and T-shirts and, in most cases, you're so right at the start. But of course the pants should fit right, so here are the sizes :

  • 28
  • 30
  • 32
  • 34
  • 36

For the particularly fine situations in life seeking your newest and cleanest jeans out there and combine them with a nice shirt. Voila finished is the outfit that can be worn at a wedding or grandpa's birthday. Maybe you still need a new pair of shoes and a jacket. If you still carping seems soemeone have missed the latest trends or a little persuasion is necessary. Today she's back hotter than ever, one sees today hardly a bmx rider which it does not contribute, since the early 90s, the jeans has returned to her roots and the hip pants. The particularly elastic material can be readily saver also including wear without having to eingeschrängt is particularly so at any time you have enough space to move around on your bmx bike. The King Kong brand was one of the first companies which specialize in special jeans pants for the bmx bike by very robust material but at the same time very elastic one has created a pair of pants that is perfect for the bicycle culture.

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