Shades for cool looks

Let the sun shine . The shades is a must for every bmx rider. Most bmx companies have em in their programm in cool design. and the most selling shades is the well know popular Strobmx "Sex,Bmx and Rock' n Roll" Sunglasses ! you will like em in this very cool black finish this...Click to continue.

The icing on the cake !

Behind the rather difficult to write word Accessories hides a lot of ways to give your outfit always a new look . Often with little expenditure of money and effort. From a simple T -shirt with jeans you can change with sunglasses, boots and leather jacket in a cool biker outfit and with the same basics you can combine with flip flops and cap the summer - beach outfit is perfect. The matching necklace or bracelets is neccesary for the ladies, when all machtes perfect they feel satisfied. It is still the bmx sunglasses indispensable part of the scene, no wonder why so many now goggles on the market achievement. Leave on the bmx bike the sun while sitting on his face shine is hardly a better reason. If you look Stereo Bikes or Subrosa on it are two companies that do not even come to this trendy gimmicks and offering repeatedly for spring their noble nose wheels.
The boys can identify with a snazzy belt / belt buckle and a cap or beanie. Get some ideas from our fashion corner and look at the individual categories when you have a little free time. Perhaps also still missing the matching jacket? Check out our small but fine selection of and if we do not have something in stock , just ask us for it. We are happy to help you also in live chat via Skype

Glasses for the clear view

What to do when the sun is blinding? The night was too short? You want to check unhindered Ladies / Boys? Buy yourself a pair of sunglasses! Whether mirror, colorful or classic for every type and every outfit there is the right pair of sunglasses. And as always, the BMX manufacturers have adopted this theme. Just in time for summer, there are new models every year in the latest colors. The selection is small but nice.
Always bmx Eyewear were popular sport and a welcome change from the everyday wrenches, happy shall you take a break and enjoy the sun with a cold beer or cola. Already the early 80s as the glasses in the scene was so chic brought some bizarre nose wheels on the market. And at times to be honest, if you're rolling on a summer day with the bmx bike through the streets and skate parks as a sunscreen also very helpful to see where the nearest curb comes. But honestly, who can without the classics - black dark sunglasses - come over the summer? To get the complete sun protection you can search for a new cap from our extensive range. And do not forget: orders above 99 Euro you will receive a free goodie and within Germany free shipping.
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